February 2010 Desktop Calendar

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I love desktop calendars! My cousin Paula does one for her siteYogaDudes Blogspot page – each month a new desktop calendar.

So, with that in mind, I’m going to try to pick an appropriate photograph out of my library of pics and present to you a new calendar each month. Not that I need more on my plate, but it’s something that will help me keep focused on taking photographs, working in Photoshop and updating my website!

This month (actually February’s) is a shot I took in Feb ’09 in Essex, CT. The sun was setting and there was the most beautiful pink reflecting into the water. I took several dozen shots and this one seemed to capture the beauty of the sunset reflection from the clouds.

February 2010 Desktop

February 2010 Desktop

Right-click and save the link below that closely matches your screen resolution:
February 2010 – small (1280 x 800)
February 2010 – medium (1440 x 900)
February 2010 – large (1920 x 1200)
February 2010 – extra large (2560 x 1400)

Please download and enjoy February’s theme and stay tuned for March 2010!