Custom Posters

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This was an impromptu shot I took of my cousin Paula’s new toy. Of course, me having three kids, I’m not likely to get one of these any time soon 🙁 – but at least one of my kids got to ride in this fun little car. I originally took the picture using four different shots stitched together in Photoshop to give me a very high resolution file to work with. I cleaned up all the background and ground junk, if I had known I was making this poster, I would have had her park with nothing reflecting thru the windshields AND taken the wad of paper off the dashboard.

10x30 Custom Poster of a 1999 Porsche Boxster

I’m very pleased with the outcome either way… I had this printed on 10″x30″ metallic paper and mounted on Gator Board.

Know someone with a cool car that would want an awesome poster made of it?

The same can be made of a property, a favorite pet, just about anything! Contact me for details.